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On the next evening the operator and George Willard walked out together.
When the operator re- mained silent and seemed to have changed his mind about talking, he tried to make conversation.
The telegraph operator of Winesburg, sitting in the darkness on the railroad ties, had become a poet.
Wash Williams began telling the story of his mar- ried life with the tall blonde girl with the blue eyes whom he had met when he was a young operator at Dayton, Ohio.
The operator finished his tale quickly, breathlessly.
George Willard and the telegraph operator came into the main street of Winesburg.
As I stood speculating upon our chances once we settled into the frightful Maelstrom beneath us and at the same time mentally computing the hours which must elapse before aid could reach us, the wireless operator clambered up the ladder to the bridge, and, disheveled and breathless, stood before me at salute.
There was no finer operator in Pan-America than he.
On the knoll, two of the wireless operators were already at work.
When recommending the concept of operator inspections, a wall of objections and obstacles arises.
Microsoft and Infowave will cooperate on joint marketing and sales initiatives into the mobile operator community.
The first, and perhaps most important, point is that mobile operators who do not embrace public wireless LANs are in danger of extinction when wireless WANs (high-speed wireless or 3G) become prevalent.