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SOLUTION, civil law. Payment.
     2. By this term, is understood, every species of discharge or liberation, which is called satisfaction, and with which the creditor is satisfied. Dig. 46, 3, 54; Code 8, 43, 17; Inst. 3, 30. This term has rather a reference to the substance of the obligation, than to the numeration or counting of the money. Dig. 50, 16, 176. Vide Discharge of a contract.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The approved ANDA is therapeutically equivalent to the reference listed drug product (RLD) Trusopt Ophthalmic Solution, 2%, of Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.
subsidiary Bausch + Lomb has introduced a new prescription product and a new over-the-counter product to its lineup of ophthalmic solutions.
This study aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of olopatadine hydrochloride 0.2% ophthalmic solution applied once daily in pediatric subjects with allergic conjunctivitis.
Levofloxacin Ophthalmic Solution, 0.5% (Generic version of Santen's QUIXIN) is also an antibiotic with a USD 1.0 m market, and Diclofenac Sodium Ophthalmic Solution 0.1% (Generic version of Novartis's VOLTAREN) is an NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug) with a USD 2.4m market.
For clinical trial with tacrolimus nanosomal ophthalmic solution, inclusion criteria for KCS consisted of an STT d" 10 mm/min (Hendrick et al, 2011), and clinical signs of KCS such as mucoid plug (Fig.2), reddened conjunctiva (Fig.3), and dryness (Fig.
To our knowledge, there are no previous studies reporting a recurrence of herpetic keratitis associated with travoprost ophthalmic solution.
The ophthalmic solution, for which Alcon Japan filed a new drug application in June 2003, is currently available in 83 countries worldwide.
Keywords: Ciprofloxacin ophthalmic solution, sunlight, photodegradation, phenylpiperazine, electrospray mass spectrometry
The Food and Drug Administration approved the antihistamine Elestat ophthalmic solution 0.05% for prevention of itching associated with allergic conjunctivitis in children aged 3 years and older.
* appropriate administration of ophthalmic solutions, breathing inhalers, and sublinguals.
- Enrollment for US-based ophthalmic pharmaceutical company Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc.'s (NASDAQ: AERI) Phase 2 clinical trial of netarsudil ophthalmic solution in Japan is complete, a milestone reached several months earlier than previously anticipated, the company said.
The recalled products include: Lubricant Eye Drops Moisturizing Twin Pack Walgreens item #: 801477 NDC #: 0363-0185-49 Package Size: 2 x 15 mL; Sodium Chloride Ophthalmic Ointment, 5% Hypertonicity Eye Ointment Walgreens item #: 801482 NDC #: 0363-7500-50 Package Size: 3.5 g; Sodium Chloride Ophthalmic Solution, 5% Hypertonicity Eye Drops Walgreens item #: 801402 NDC #: 0363-0193-13 Package Size: 15 mL; Lubricant Eye Ointment PF Soothing Walgreens item #: 801486 NDC #: 0363-0191-50 Package Size: 3.5 g.