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The repast of that hour was wanting in the inharmonious accompaniment with which Esther ordinarily enlivened their meals; for the effects of the powerful opiate the Doctor had administered still muddled her intellects.
Altogether, I have never, on any occasion, made one at such a cosey, dosey, old-fashioned, time-forgotten, sleepy-headed little family-party in all my life; and I felt it would be quite a soothing opiate to belong to it in any character - except perhaps as a suitor.
He is enjoined to silence and to rest, and they have given him some opiate to lull his pain, for his old enemy is very hard with him.
I am convinced he used reading as an opiate against the pain of his magnanimity which like all abnormal growths was gnawing at his healthy substance with cruel persistence.
She waited patiently for him to continue his instructions, but the opiates had begun to take effect and Martin lapsed into sleep.
There were opiates for remorse, drugs that could lull the moral sense to sleep.
Having settled ourselves into this infidelity, our skill is expended to procure alleviations, diversion, opiates. We adorn the victim with manual skill, his tongue with languages, his body with inoffensive and comely manners.
Today most methadone clinics cater to a subset of opiate users: those who have been treated with methadone on and off over the years; those who have failed other medications and counseling; and young users with habits too heavy for treatment with buprenorphine.
"However, naloxone and detox beds only treat the symptoms of opiate overdose or addiction, not the underlying issues that caused the addiction in the first place." CAMP Clinics provides counseling, psychiatric care and life skills coaching for those struggling to overcome opiate dependency.
Over a 5-year period, 301 women with opiate addiction were detoxed during pregnancy with no adverse fetal outcomes related to the detox identified, Dr.
It was reported yesterday that the company's two manufacturing facilities in Australia, its opiate product range and inventory will be transferred to Sun Pharma.
A level of dependant drug users among opiate users in KP was found to be higher when compared to dependence level in other provinces.