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He is enjoined to silence and to rest, and they have given him some opiate to lull his pain, for his old enemy is very hard with him.
I am convinced he used reading as an opiate against the pain of his magnanimity which like all abnormal growths was gnawing at his healthy substance with cruel persistence.
She waited patiently for him to continue his instructions, but the opiates had begun to take effect and Martin lapsed into sleep.
There were opiates for remorse, drugs that could lull the moral sense to sleep.
Having settled ourselves into this infidelity, our skill is expended to procure alleviations, diversion, opiates.
According to the FTCs November 2015 complaint, Sunrise, based in Boca Raton, Florida, deceptively claimed that Elimidrol, a powdered drink mix consisting of herbs and other compounds, could alleviate opiate withdrawal symptoms and increase a users likelihood of overcoming opiate addiction.
The product portfolio consists of poppy derived opiate raw materials that are primarily used in the manufacture of analgesics for the treatment of moderate to severe pain.
In 2016, the government changed the law to allow opiate poppies to be safely and securely grown commercially in NSW.
As if that weren't shocking enough, the American Society of Addiction Medicine reported more than 20,000 opiate overdose deaths in 2015, almost double that of those dying from heroin overdose.
The figures include deaths where the underlying cause was drug-related and an opiate was mentioned on the death certificate Between 2010 to 2014, there were 72 deaths involving opiates across the three council areas, of which 15 were ruled as suicides.
But if they want to prescribe medicines to help patients overcome opiate addiction, they face an array of government restrictions and systemic obstacles.
It was reported yesterday that the company's two manufacturing facilities in Australia, its opiate product range and inventory will be transferred to Sun Pharma.