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com), was notified by the German regulatory agency which approves the use of narcotic drugs that it can proceed with the trial which will use alfentanil, an opiate analgesic.
Stoll will also discuss recent new developments obtained from the University of Alberta in animal studies which demonstrate that both High and Low impact AMPAKINE[R] drugs are effective in overcoming the respiratory depression caused by opiate analgesic compounds.
The Company intends to use the net proceeds of the 2004 Debenture offering to continue the development of certain technology related to opiate active pharmaceutical ingredients and technologies to deter abuse of orally administered opiate analgesic products.
In January 1997, the company's Investigational New Drug application for DepoMorphine(TM), a sustained release opiate analgesic, cleared the FDA.
13, 1996--Adolor Corporation today announced the initiation of Phase I clinical trials for its peripheral opiate analgesic, ADL 2-1294.
The 1996 financial results reflect expanded efforts in clinical trials and manufacturing scale-up of DepoCyt(TM), and preclinical and clinical development of other potential sustained-release DepoFoam(TM) products including DepoAmikacin(TM), an antibiotic, and DepoMorphine(TM), an opiate analgesic.
The Company's lead product, a topical peripheral opiate analgesic, ADL 2-1294, is currently in preclinical development for the treatment of burns, abrasions, other cutaneous inflammatory lesions, and for additional indications associated with inflammatory pain.
The company is also developing Dynorphin A as an analgesic agent, initially as an adjunct to opiate analgesic therapy.