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Effects of preservative-free intrathecal ketamine result from NMDA receptor antagonism, opiate receptor agonism and local anaesthetic-like action.
I speculate, based on treating hundreds of patients who have been on Suboxone maintenance, that when Suboxone is given long-term it causes abnormal adaptations to opiate receptors and other brain receptors.
The usual physiological role of the kappa opiate receptor is not completely understood.
However, as described above, these changes would be sensitive to blocking by opiate receptor antagonists.
As a doctoral student at Johns Hopkins University she was researching the possibility that an opiate receptor existed.
The opiate receptor system affects several aspects of female reproductive neuroendocrinology, such as the levels of sex hormones and neurotransmitters that are important for temperature regulation.
Previous studies indicate that naloxone, an opiate receptor antagonist, suppresses feeding in rats when fed a restricted diet of rat chow (Levine et al, Am J Physiol.
The mu opiate receptor as a candidate gene for pain: polymorphisms, variations in expression, nociception, and opiate responses.
Opiate Receptor Blockade by Naltrexone and Mood State after Acute Physical Activity.
Currently, the most common treatment of opioid-induced respiratory depression is to administer an opiate receptor antagonist such as naloxone.
Candace Pert, PhD, was recognized for her research in discovering the opiate receptor as well as many other peptide receptors in the brain and in the body.
Morphine, heroin, fentanyl, and other powerful opiate receptor agonists have long been used for pain reduction (Brunton et al.