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And after that another paroxysm of pain came on; and then his mind began to wander, and we feared his death was approaching: but an opiate was administered: his sufferings began to abate, he gradually became more composed, and at length sank into a kind of slumber.
And what opiate for his severe sufferings--what object for his strong passions--had he sought there?
11 pm.--I gave Renfield a strong opiate tonight, enough to make even him sleep, and took away his pocketbook to look at it.
The repast of that hour was wanting in the inharmonious accompaniment with which Esther ordinarily enlivened their meals; for the effects of the powerful opiate the Doctor had administered still muddled her intellects.
Altogether, I have never, on any occasion, made one at such a cosey, dosey, old-fashioned, time-forgotten, sleepy-headed little family-party in all my life; and I felt it would be quite a soothing opiate to belong to it in any character - except perhaps as a suitor.
He is enjoined to silence and to rest, and they have given him some opiate to lull his pain, for his old enemy is very hard with him.
I am convinced he used reading as an opiate against the pain of his magnanimity which like all abnormal growths was gnawing at his healthy substance with cruel persistence.
and despite federal protestations, kratom is being used more and more by people self-treating chronic pain, by those treating acute withdrawal from opiates and those seeking alternatives to prescription medications.
The Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance is hosting a Meeting of Expert Working Group on Paris Pact Initiative on Illicit Financial Flows deriving from the trafficking of Opiates originating in Afghanistan.
There were 103 people aged 15-24 who used opiates in 2016/17 - a figure down by more than half from 229 in 2010/11.
Compared to the control group, users of the app used 23 per cent less opiates and 15 per cent more paracetamol in the first two weeks following surgery.
workforce, the positivity rate for opiates in urine drug testing declined across all opiate categories by 21 percent between 2017 and 2018, the largest drop in three years.