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New Delhi, March 27 (ANI): Dispelling apprehensions over the future of the two-wheeler segment with the launch of India's cheapest car Nano, Pawan Munjal, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Hero Honda Motors, opines that it will have no bearing in the two-wheeler market.
We are policing a culture in a world of decline,'' one character opines, and ``The Wire'' makes that case persuasively and compellingly.
Father Semaan opines that this is not the freedom and democracy which they had been promised by their American "liberators.
EARLY IN ``Daddy Day Care,'' Charlie Hinton (Eddie Murphy) tells his son Ben (Khamani Griffin) that they're going to spend the day together; the boy opines, ``We need Mommy to have fun.
Wes Studi stars as the culturally assimilated Leaphorn - ``This was my first chance to get a kiss on screen,'' he boasts; in his film ``The Last of the Mohicans,'' he opines, a female character ``jumps off the cliff to avoid getting a kiss'' - and Adam Beach (``Windtalkers'') plays Chee, who moonlights as a Navajo healer.