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During Opium Wars I and II British troops had been forcing farmers in India and Pakistan, colonies of Britain then, to grow opium which Brits pushed on the Chinese to try to make China a colony of Britain too.
According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), opium accounts for more than 15 percent of Afghanistan's GDP.
Opium is an important cause of lead poisoning in countries with a high prevalence of opium addiction (4,6), and lead-contaminated opium has previously been reported in Iran (4).
Khalida of Mangora was caught from the other side of Bhera interchange with 25 grams opium while Muhammad Khalid Khan was taken into custody with 24 grams opium.
The drop in opium production is welcome, but it is not a victory," Jeremy Douglas, the UNODC's chief in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, told Reuters.
Afghanistan is the world's top cultivator of the poppy from which opium and heroin are produced.
Preliminary search was made on the spot that found three bags of opium concealed under gypsum powder.
Key to an understanding of the place of opium in Canada is reflection on the role of Chinese immigrants.
The results are sobering, to say the least, as illustrated by figure 1, which shows the growth of the area under opium poppy production in the postinvasion period (marked by the bold vertical line).
The Afghanistan Opium Survey 2015 notes that Helmand remains the country's major opium-cultivating province, growing 47 percent of the total crop.
Dubai Police have arrested a sailor allegedly caught trying to sell 50kg of opium after smuggling it into the country on his dhow boat.
Laudanum was a 10 percent solution of opium powder in alcohol, widely used to treat everything from pain and insomnia to female disorders.