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Having failed on Reis, the German, the opponents of Bell now brought forward an American inventor named Daniel Drawbaugh, and opened up a noisy newspaper campaign.
I have known a man who turned out to have a metaphysical genius, incautiously, in the period of youthful buoyancy, commence his career as a dancing- master; and you may imagine the use that was made of this initial mistake by opponents who felt themselves bound to warn the public against his doctrine of the Inconceivable.
He examines the countenance of his partner, comparing it carefully with that of each of his opponents.
Had I been with Sir Henry and you it is confident that my point of view would have been the same as yours, and my presence would have warned our very formidable opponents to be on their guard.
The matter has ended in reprimands, the opponents have been compelled to shake hands, and there is every hope that all will be well.
Eric Hughes was a young man with genuine political enthusiasms,, but he knew that political opponents are people with whom one may have to dine any day.
He was the most competent of Miss Bartlett's opponents, but infinitely the least dangerous.
The rules of match play governed the contests, and Archibald disposed of his first three opponents before the twelfth hole.
The learned gentleman who does the withering business and who blights all opponents with his gloomy sarcasm is as merry as a grig at a French watering-place.
For a moment it seemed that I could not withstand the weight of numbers that confronted me, but again, as on so many other occasions when I had been called upon to face fearful odds upon this planet of warriors and fierce beasts, I found that my earthly strength so far transcended that of my opponents that the odds were not so greatly against me as they appeared.
The same benign necessity and the same practical abuse appear in the parties, into which each State divides itself, of opponents and defenders of the administration of the government.
Suddenly, like puffs of smoke from the mouth of a cannon, the attacking regiment broke away in flying groups, their white head- dresses streaming behind them in the wind, and left their opponents victors, indeed, but, alas