opportune moment

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When the first brown gingham frock was completed, the child seized what she thought an opportune moment and asked her aunt Miranda if she might have another color for the next one.
Something always drew him toward those richer and more powerful than himself and he had rare skill in seizing the most opportune moment for making use of people.
The attack upon the Maeterlinck school could not have been made at a more opportune moment. A fierce controversy was precipitated.
He picked up his team with his eyes as the hostess picks up the ladies at the opportune moment, and pausing only by the colonel's chair to say, "This isn't our affair, you know, sir," led them into the verandah and the gardens.
At this opportune moment, the cards were thrown up, and Mr Henry Gowan came across the room saying, 'Mother, if you can spare Mr Clennam for this time, we have a long way to go, and it's getting late.' Mr Clennam thereupon rose, as he had no choice but to do; and Mrs Gowan showed him, to the last, the same look and the same tapped contemptuous lips.
At what an opportune moment they arrived, how they listened, and what they heard, is already known to the reader.
WITH the imminent release of the final part of the Matrix trilogy Matrix: Revolution, this is an opportune moment to screen the first film.
Continuing his climbdown, Laporta added: "We are not going to enter the dynamic of giving names but I reserve the option to say more at an opportune moment.
'I have the opportune moment to summon him, with the aim of reinforcing the team, since for us a great move like this would represent everything.
Mistry, Chairman, Tata Motors, said, Tata Motors is going through an exciting yet challenging phase and Mr Butscheks appointment comes at an opportune moment. He brings with him rich global experience of growing organizations and developing new markets.
The re-election is an opportune moment for Zuma to stand up and be counted as the man who can take his party to a resounding win in the 2014 elections.
While wily rats keep a low profile, waiting for ambush in their ground holes for the opportune moment, the cats are still being observed roaming the Holy Family hospitals with relative ease.