opportune time

References in classic literature ?
If Lady Lydiard had been actually in league with him, she could not have chosen a more opportune time for her visit.
You come to give me the benefit of your sober judgement at a most opportune time.
If any remark should occur to you, you can reserve it for some more opportune time.
It will be an opportune time to discuss it during the restricted meeting,' Duterte told reporters in an ambush interview in Malacanang.
More than three out of four builders are offering substantial sales incentives to move their product and limit cancellations, and this aggressive strategy is working--making this an opportune time for home buyers to enter the market," said NAHB president David Pressly, a home builder from Statesville, N.
These videos are each designed to assist your baby, ages three and under, in the process of learning an alternative language during the most opportune time in their new life by using key strategies for simple, effective, and proven methods for linguistic education.
The tongue-in-cheek book will help you negotiate anything from a million-dollar deal to a better seat on an airplane--even Microsoft boss Bill Gates and Disney's Michael Eisner have been known to throw a fit at an opportune time.
The entry of Allianz into the D&O market comes at a most opportune time," says David Nikolai, managing director of Marsh USA's FINPRO division.
There has never been a more opportune time to join the State Department: we are increasing our hires in the Foreign Service, offering competitive salaries, generous benefit packages and support for families overseas.
After all, adolescence is an opportune time to try to mold people into morally responsible human beings.
Written two years before the success of her Pulitzer Prize-winning How I Learned to Drive, Paula Vogel's The Mineola Twins is receiving its splashy New York debut at the Roundabout Theatre at an opportune time.