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Meese, Regulation of Franchisor Opportunism and Production of the Institutional Framework: Federal Monopoly or Competition Between the States?, 23 HARV.
POLITICAL OPPORTUNISMEven when its discussed with contempt as a shocking lack of principle, this Kenyan political opportunism does act as a powerful example in conversation.
Political opportunism which means she does a deal with fox hunters to get them canvassing in s return for repealing the hunting act.
Every software license limits opportunism in some sense.
In the following sections, we first develop the baseline hypotheses (H1a, H1b) regarding perceptual differences of two relational outcomes: opportunism and continuance between the buyer and supplier, namely the extent of the buyer's stated opportunism (continuance) and the supplier's expectations of the buyer's opportunism (continuance).
Of course the Labour Party have realised that there are votes to be had in these new housing developments, they are manifesting the characteristics of politicians of all shades - total opportunism.
Political opportunism is not only the tragedy of Pakistan but of the whole world.
The Brotherhood's improvisation, ignorance, and political opportunism have been exposed by the way its rule has dealt with three vital cases that are of concern to Egypt, both domestically and in terms of its foreign relations.
Authors discuss the progression from the conservative German judiciary and career opportunism to the anti-Semitic Nuremberg laws and bypass of the legal system altogether.
How can we combat these three kinds of opportunism, especially the third?
CARDIFF council have been accused of "blatant opportunism" after more than tripling the charge to use a park-and-ride site during the Olympics.
Amman, April 18 (Petra) - Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communication, Rakan al-Majali, on Wednesday said there is no place for intrigues and opportunism in the next and new stage of Jordan's history and that the government does not pay heed to some "malevolent" voices that try to suggest that there is a split in the rule.