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Ghulam Muhammad by dismissing the government of Khawaja Nazimuddin inculcated the basis of political opportunism.
This quickly revealed the Muslim Brotherhood's opportunism and its exploitation of the special relationship between Egypt and its river for patriotic outbidding.
FIGURE 1 Complementary and Contradictory Prescriptions of the Transaction Cost and Capability Perspectives in Outsourcing Decisions Q1 Contradictory Q2 Complementary Superior RBV-Perform RBV & TCE-Perform resource Internally Internally position TCE-Outsource Resource position Q3 Complementary Q4 Contradictory Weaker RBV & RBV-Outsource resource TEC-Outsource TCE-Perform position Low Internally high Potential for Opportunism
The condition of opportunism is essential because it explains the need for self-protection against potential harm and aggressive pursuit of profits.
Opportunism is a trait we often spot in politicians, usually ones we do not like.
But Ann Jones, the Labour AM for neighbouring Vale of Clwyd, said: "The Clwyd West AM's response to Conwy council's modernisation programme represents political opportunism at its worst.
And on the matter of opportunism, the claim by John Hemming MP that the council elections office has a record of pro-Labour bias must be backed by firm evidence if it is to be taken seriously.
Talking of opportunism, the celebrity they chose to back the campaign was Anthea "Cadbury's Snowflake" Turner.
If political opportunism was a GCSE subject, slippery Cameron would get an A*.
He added: "Doubling APD was a blatant piece of opportunism by the Chancellor and not a penny of it is going towards environmental mitigation.
Arguably inspired by Gehry's startling transformation of crude models into internationally recognised statements--an achievement first made possible by a blip in the commodities market and technology developed by the aircraft industry--this potent mix of design, commercial opportunism and technology transfer has projected ideas for building skins beyond superficial slickness.
For Garrison and his many supporters, the idea of an anti-slavery Constitution ran against the clear intent of the document's framers and reeked of political opportunism.