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Political opportunism which makes her claim she'll get immigration down to the tens of thousands - having presided over total failure to control it while Home Secretary.
H1a: The supplier's expectation of buyer opportunism is greater than the buyer's stated opportunism.
Ghulam Muhammad by dismissing the government of Khawaja Nazimuddin inculcated the basis of political opportunism.
In any case, the decision has been emblematic of political opportunism, if not improvisation and ignorance.
Consider this one brief but important paragraph: "The weak or nonexistent empathy response to counterfactual harm is of particular relevance to the use of relational contracts for which third-degree opportunism is a problem.
Turns out we were right about opportunism, except that it was leftwing opportunism that finally proved the undoing of our movement.
The concept of opportunism is related to strategic deception and has been extensively analyzed (Williamson, 1985; Nooteboom et al.
Opportunism is a trait we often spot in politicians, usually ones we do not like.
But Ann Jones, the Labour AM for neighbouring Vale of Clwyd, said: "The Clwyd West AM's response to Conwy council's modernisation programme represents political opportunism at its worst.
A SUPERB piece of Jamie Campbell opportunism decided an entertaining under-14 North West Cup tie as Sefton beat Knowsley 1-0 in Huyton.
Dear Editor, Congratulations to the City Planners in not being seduced by British Land's blatant example of commercial opportunism with their proposed 35-storey tower on Colmore Row.
In denying those men the same honour, Gordon Brown has left himself open to the accusation that awarding John his medal was just headline-grabbing opportunism.