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Opportunist eaters spent more than $90 billion across IRI's multi-channel outlet during the past year, essentially flat versus the prior year and on par with industry average.
Insp Owen added: "By following some basic crime prevention advice, you can stop opportunist thieves from spoiling your Christmas.
Does Ray Mallon still believe my projection of 750 jobs lost by 2015/16 is still opportunist scaremongering?
Chief Insp Darren Walsh said: "On hot evenings there is a temptation to leave windows open to try and cool the house but opportunists may take advantage and would only need seconds to nip in and out.
Sneak-in burglaries, as well as thefts from motor vehicles, can increase during the summer months when opportunist thieves try to take advantage of doors and windows being left open.
Inspector Julie Sheard said: "It is really important vehicle owners remove any personal property from their cars to deter opportunists and avoid becoming a victim of crime.
"We'll be on hand to ensure everyone behaves themselves and to provide a high-visibility presence to deter opportunist criminals who are keen to exploit the high number of visitors a game like this attracts."
'This is like a shining beacon to the opportunist thief, who will smash your car window just to find out if the system has been left in the glove compartment.'
Wing Wylie Human gave them some hope with his opportunist try, but all the Saints could manage after that was a conversion and four penalties from Shane Drahm.
Police are urging people in the West Midlands to be extra vigilant over Christmas to safeguard their homes from opportunist burglars.
Biographers of George Orwell have since accused his widow of being an opportunist, a sexual adventuress, and a harridan.
The brain increasingly looks like a sensory opportunist. Deprive the master organ of access to sounds, a new study finds, and it reorganizes so that tissue typically consigned to handling acoustic information instead joins the visual system.