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Discovering Eating Styles: Opportunist Attitudes to Nutrition
Chief Insp Darren Walsh said: "On hot evenings there is a temptation to leave windows open to try and cool the house but opportunists may take advantage and would only need seconds to nip in and out.
Sneak-in burglaries, as well as thefts from motor vehicles, can increase during the summer months when opportunist thieves try to take advantage of doors and windows being left open.
Inspector Julie Sheard said: "It is really important vehicle owners remove any personal property from their cars to deter opportunists and avoid becoming a victim of crime.
We'll be on hand to ensure everyone behaves themselves and to provide a high-visibility presence to deter opportunist criminals who are keen to exploit the high number of visitors a game like this attracts.
This is like a shining beacon to the opportunist thief, who will smash your car window just to find out if the system has been left in the glove compartment.
Officers are advising people to remove all valuable items from their cars before they lock and leave them, to prevent opportunist thieves smashing car windows to see if there are any items in the vehicle.
She is the one who said no--a fact elided over by those who would later call her an opportunist.
The third type of CIO is the "technology opportunist," an executive responsibility that has grown from the demands of e-business.
But where the moral chameleon tries to avoid conflict, the moral opportunist places primary value on his own short-term self-interest.
Money today is mainly flowing from two sources, explained the real estate investment executive -- the Wall Street fixed-income funding sources for pools of debt, and vulture fund opportunist for equity.
Police are warning people to keep a close eye on their belongings to make sure they don't fall victim to opportunist thieves.