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Tuberculosis was most common opportunistic infection among 834 clinical records analyzed, and the prevalence rate was 22.
Strict compliance to guidelines, instructions and "doctor's orders" are mandatory if opportunistic infections are to be avoided.
In the present study, the profile of clinical features and opportunistic infections in HIV positive patients attending a tertiary care medical college hospital were analyzed.
After the emergence of HIV infection, histoplasmosis has become 1 of many troublesome opportunistic infections among patients with AIDS.
He adds that if scientists can find some agent to keep this signal from reaching infectious microbes, they may be able to prevent opportunistic infections of P.
Overtraining can lead to suppressed immune function and exposure to opportunistic infections.
While most of the news about HIV these days is sunny, there were some dark rumblings at the annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Chicago in early February.
Early diagnosis of HIV infection allows women to take full advantage of antiretroviral therapies and preventive drugs for opportunistic infections, both of which can forestall the development of AIDS-related symptoms and prolong life in HIV-infected men and women.