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And adducing example after example, she reveals how liberals have weakened the moral structure of society, never by "winning the public argument" but rather by opportunistically using the courts (and increasingly liberal activist judges) to do it for them.
No one can deny this analysis is partly correct--insecurity did compel many Iraqis to fall back on sectarian or tribal identities--but the more enduring impression the statement leaves is of Packer opportunistically interpreting Shiite restlessness to support his beef with U.S.
Opportunistically taking advantage of people, especially in a business relationship, is something that usually will work only once.
"This acquisition is part of our strategy of opportunistically investing for growth.
She has followed events there from 1984 to 2002, and describes the metamorphosis of the movement from one modeled on a conception of revolutionary popular struggle into one characterized by temporary alliances, flexibly chosen identities, and shifting political rhetoric that opportunistically but passionately adapts to the demands of the moment.
Patients were identified opportunistically; details of treatment and outcome were reviewed retrospectively.
Built on land adjacent to their grandparents' home, opportunistically purchased when put on the market, the house is simple in form; a 16.2m X 4.6m X 3.5m high timber box.
Or democracy seems to come quickly, even opportunistically, after the death of a leader, an external event, or a sham election provides domestic activists the spark they need to engage the masses.
SME is always-on, opportunistically utilizing both cellular and Wi-Fi networks.
During its first year - which began in April 2003 - 16,413 young men and women were screened opportunistically.
Whereas Ntozake Shange and other writers with whom King has been associated famously arrived at new and experimental structures after a long and often arduous process of artistic introspection, and sought in these new structures to bring black theatre closer to its historic African inheritance or to signal some form of artistic dissent, King seems to use loose structure somewhat more opportunistically, as a way of avoiding rather than negotiating potential contradictions.
* In his review of The Day After Tomorrow ["Films," June 21], Stuart Klawans criticizes MoveOn.org for opportunistically seizing upon the film's release to publicize global warming.

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