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But he said greedy and opportunist leaders should not hijack the dialogue between Uhuru and Raila.
Despite that, he said the opportunists have strong influence and are still working in the party, due to which the membership was halted in the party.
Egyptian opportunists tend to develop their own empires by spreading and strengthening their network of connections to include many government entities and authorities.
Approach To Daily Eating Opportunists I eat on the run, and just grab something to eat/drink 21% when I have a chance I eat 4-5 "mini" meals" 28% I eat three "square meals" and several snacks" 38% I eat three "square meals" and no snacks" 14% * Note These groups combine to comprise "planners" for purposes of this research; numbers may not add to 100% due to rounding.
The vast majority of burglars are opportunists and don't want a confrontation or to physically break into a property so if you keep your home secure you're much less likely to become a victim.
Recent crime statistics show that a quarter of all items stolen from cars is personal possessions, with sat navs being the most popular target for opportunist thieves.
Mullah said in a statement today: "Some opportunists going on dividing Iraq and not care about the Iraqi people.
The Opportunists were disciplined about managing through the glory years.
Political observers here say the chief minister's public statement that virtually referred to his colleagues as opportunists and revisionists was the strongest statement of its kind in recent times, pointing to the likelihood of intra-party rivalries being revived in the state unit of the CPI-M.
LIKE many people I have thought for many months that the Conservatives are just opportunists with no real polices.
We are combating the issue with increased patrols and focusing on hot spots but ultimately people must help themselves where possible and ensure valuable items are not easy pickings for opportunists.
In his article "'The Race' to Win America" (August 7 issue), he cites the usual hypocrites, opportunists, and power brokers who spoke glowingly of the racist NCLR: men like Karl Rove, Bill Clinton, and New Mexico governor William Richardson.

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