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OPPOSITION, practice. The act of a creditor who, declares his dissent to a debtor's being discharged under the insolvent laws.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Democrats strongly oppose it, with 63 percent in favor.
Slightly more believe those decisions will cause them to support the final bill than to oppose it.
The National Center poll found a majority of Americans from all regions oppose the proposed expansion of the Clean Water Act, led by the Mountain States (62 percent), the Farm Belt (59 percent), and New England (58 percent).
* Oppose any change in law to provide for lump-sum payments of VA disability compensation.
Rick Cassara, a Cleveland restaurant owner, says that he opposes a mandated wage increase.
The brief notes that placement of the stickers came after community pressure from religious activists who oppose the teaching of evolution in public schools.
As of mid-February, about 80 out of 150 school districts statewide adopted resolutions opposing the new law or planned to vote on a Warrant Article, which would tell the feds that voters "vigorously oppose any and all unfunded and under-funded federal educational mandates ..." due to heavy financial burdens on school budgets.
"Basically, we haven't made a decision on what we want to be built, but we wanted as much park space on Pier 40 as possible and last December we voted unanimously to oppose any big box store," said Aubrey Lees, chair of the Community Board 2, which includes the pier.
The current public discussion on Iraq is largely between Iraq-hawks in and outside the administration--many of whom are simply hotheads and borderline cranks--and opponents (mostly Democrats) who are hesitant to openly oppose the war and so instead seem inclined to equivocate--perhaps permanently--in the face of it.
(1) Regardless of whether the sites favor medical abortion (15 sites), oppose it (16) or take no obvious stance (nine), fewer than four in five note an author's name, fewer than three in five state an academic or professional affiliation, and no more than half provide references for the information they present.
"There are those who oppose investment and those who oppose reform.