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While 76% percent of Arabs oppose intermarriage between a Jewish man and Arab woman, 61% are opposed to intermarriage between a Jewish woman and Arab man - meaning they are more tolerant of Arab men marrying Jewish women.
However, opposing the bill, PPP Parliamentary leader in the National Assembly Syed Naveed Qamar said various segments of society had opposed different section of the bill.
Around four in ten are opposed to the controversial method of extracting energy.
ABC Poll: 64% Opposed, 30% Support -Associated Press Poll: 61% Opposed, 26% Support -CNN Poll: 59% Opposed, 39% Support -NY Times Poll: 61% Opposed, 30% Support -Pew Research: 63% Opposed, 28% Support -USA Today: 63% Opposed, 28% Support Ee Last week's polls had shown just over 50% opposed and in the upper-20% support, with the rest undecided.
Byline: More than half of Britons are still opposed to the UK's military operations in Afghanistan, according to a poll.
They also made many inverted V-type engines, single crank, but they were not of the opposed type.
They were then provided brief arguments, both pro and con on the measure, and then asked whether they favored or opposed the proposal.
Though he opposed a federal ban on same-sex marriage, he also opposed LGBT inclusion in hate-crimes laws and maintains that heterosexual marriage deserves special status.
Synopsis: An analysis of Gallup Poll data since the beginning of 2005 finds that among the major religious groups in the United States, Jewish Americans are the most strongly opposed to the Iraq war.
Moreover, with a Republican president advocating big-government programs in everything but name, many Republican congressmen have supported spending they traditionally would have opposed.
Nova Scotia, and Ontario, who rejected mandatory SSM school classes; Calgary's Craig Chandler, who opposed the "gay" way of life on his website.
In the election reform arena, the LWVUS successfully opposed an attempt in the Senate to erect new barriers to voter participation.