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Around four in ten are opposed to the controversial method of extracting energy.
Byline: More than half of Britons are still opposed to the UK's military operations in Afghanistan, according to a poll.
Synopsis: An analysis of Gallup Poll data since the beginning of 2005 finds that among the major religious groups in the United States, Jewish Americans are the most strongly opposed to the Iraq war.
It is true that this year's deficit turned out to be much less than the administration originally forecast last February--$248 billion as opposed to a projected $423 billion--and President Bush was quick to tout that progress.
Darrel Reid was declared unfit to hold a political post by MP Bill Graham, interim leader of the Federal Liberals, because Reid is an evangelical opposed to gay "marriage.
believes that people opposed to his bill that would legalize partisan politicking by houses of worship aren't just misguided or wrong--they're "evil.
And since the industry's entire legislative agenda met with failure in 2004, all of those bills will now carry over into the next administration--whether the Oval Office is occupied by an incumbent, or by someone whose voting record and public statements indicate he is opposed to much of that agenda.
Neighborhood residents, many who were originally opposed to the location, nominated the company.
The rule was supplemented in 1975 when Rule 702 introduced the admissibility of testimony relying on facts, data, principles and methods, as opposed to "general acceptance.
I think they ought to be treated equally," he said--a position diametrically opposed to both Clinton's Defense of Marriage Act and Bush's amendment.
On the other hand, she's very much opposed to the aquarium because it would serve as an anchor for about 280,000 SF of retail space, and it would kill the aquarium in Coney Island.