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Even though there is a requirement for parties to discuss in their settlement and discovery planning conference the possible use of ACR, the program is seldom used because it requires both sides to agree to a number of limitations--and opposers and applicants rarely agree.
A great parliamentarian, super guy and ferocious opposer of injustice.
Texas Senator Ted Cruz, an iron-faithed opposer of same-sex marriage, has gathered additional support as he continues his "exceptional" run at the Republican nomination in the 2016 Presidential election.
html) long standing opposer to players diving in the Premier League.
Peut-etre sans brio mais avec un enorme coeur et une envie debordante a opposer aux stars varoises.
En quarts, la Luxembourgeoise de 27 ans affrontera la gagnante de la rencontre devant opposer la Russe Olga Puchkova a l'Espagnole Silvia Soler-Espinosa
Chavez, a vocal opposer of US influence in the region, has held onto power since 1999 and remains popular, especially among the country's poor majority.
Not only some opposer groups in Turkey but also some political intrigues in the EU may try to prevent Turkey from fulfilling its EU full membership target," Bagis said.
These Zimbabwean elections aren't "fixed" or "rigged" when they think that their man, the Democratic Opposer, has won.
Four speakers spoke for and against the motion, including main opposer Gloria Hyatt, Liverpool's first black headteacher, now a businesswoman.
Soininvaara added that the coalition party has been the worst opposer to green policies in almost all cases, reported STT-FNB, a Finnish news service.
A commencer par cette detestable [much less than] Presentation [much greater than] ou Jutras, sur un ton apologetique, annonce vouloir opposer aux [much less than] racontars, cliches et faussetes [much greater than] colportes on ne sait ni par qui, ni dans quel media, [much less than] l'unique verite qui rendrait a un apotre de la Verite le temoignage qui lui est du [much greater than] (p.