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En quarts, la Luxembourgeoise de 27 ans affrontera la gagnante de la rencontre devant opposer la Russe Olga Puchkova a l'Espagnole Silvia Soler-Espinosa
Is the Church the Hope of the World, 1949: "[T]he church is supposed to be the most radical opposer of the status quo in society, yet, in many instances, it is the greatest preserver of the status quo.
Chavez, a vocal opposer of US influence in the region, has held onto power since 1999 and remains popular, especially among the country's poor majority.
Kristol, born in Brooklyn to Jewish parents who had emigrated from the Ukraine, was a "Trotskyist" in his youth, but later turned into a fierce opposer of Communism and Liberalism, founding the neoconservative movement which provided the Bush Administration with its most prominent figures and officials, such as Vice President Dick Cheney, who held great admiration for Kristol.
Not only some opposer groups in Turkey but also some political intrigues in the EU may try to prevent Turkey from fulfilling its EU full membership target," Bagis said.
Sarah Palin, gun toting moose huntress, violent opposer of gay marriages, staunch pro-lifer, advocate of creationism lessons in schools, global warming sceptic, has crossed the line between church and state that lies in the political sand of every true democracy.
These Zimbabwean elections aren't "fixed" or "rigged" when they think that their man, the Democratic Opposer, has won.
A commencer par cette detestable [much less than] Presentation [much greater than] ou Jutras, sur un ton apologetique, annonce vouloir opposer aux [much less than] racontars, cliches et faussetes [much greater than] colportes on ne sait ni par qui, ni dans quel media, [much less than] l'unique verite qui rendrait a un apotre de la Verite le temoignage qui lui est du [much greater than] (p.
beaucoup moins que] J'ai ete tres heureux de voir cette finale opposer deux selections de pays freres dignes de respect, mais ma joie a ete on ne peut plus grande d'assister a votre victoire [beaucoup plus grand que], ecrit encore le president de la Republique.
L'autre demi-finale devait opposer une paire composee de la Polonaise Piter Katarzyna et l'Ukrainienne Maryna Zanevski a un duo constitue de l'Autrichienne Sandra Klemenschits et la Slovenienne Andreja Klepac.
Jamal was unable to attend the funerals in Damascus due to political complications; Suliman is a strong opposer of President Bashar al Assad, and returning to Syria poses a serious risk on his life .
The notice states that Green Dot's recent application to register the "GoBank" service "is likely to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or to deceive, particularly as to the source or origin of the goods and services with which Applicant uses its mark, to induce purchasers to believe that the goods and services of Applicant are those of Opposer, or are endorsed by, or are in some way affiliated or associated with Opposer.