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Dr Nafeesa Shah of PPP while opposing the bill said it should be reviewed thoroughly.
Opposing Counsel: Let the record show that the witness is evasive and ugly.
Opposing counsel will pounce on extremely small mistakes or omissions to embarrass you or get your testimony excluded (see "As a Matter of Fact," page 26).
As a result of those developments, CPA expert testimony can be impeached by opposing attorneys on the basis of the methodology used.
Let the opposing coach and team managers know that if they have forgotten towels, tape, etc.
Aggressive removal of the mucosa and the creation of opposing raw surfaces should be avoided.
Years ago they wouldn't even listen to us," adds Debi DesMarias, president of the 1,300-member Citizens Against Sea-Tac Expansion, which has led a vigorous campaign opposing the growth of Seattle's airport.
Despite President George Bush's claim that there was "no anti-war movement" opposing the Gulf War, hundreds of thousands of people mobilized across the country in the three months before and during the war in opposition, more than during the first three years of major U.
In a paragraph titled "Effect on Own Courses of Action," the intelligence assessment warns that "the ability of such opposing forces to move about freely and undetected significantly hampers the ability of law-enforcement agencies to identify, track, and monitor their activities.
While Tampa's finance director, Bob Harrell, has questioned the motives of the hotel association in opposing competition, HCHMA President Heinz Gartlgruber says, "We wouldn't be opposed to a new hotel if an entrepreneur came forward.
LOS ANGELES -- More than 100 well known organizations and leading experts have signed up to debate consumer issues at Opposing Views, a media company launching this summer.
Given the clarity and widespread support for Proposition 75, the special-interest groups opposing it - mainly the union bosses - have no choice but to use their overwhelming financial muscle to make it sound like Proposition 75 is something other than what it is.