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Dr Nafeesa Shah of PPP while opposing the bill said it should be reviewed thoroughly.
Opposing Counsel: Let the record show that the witness is evasive and ugly.
A self-serving view of your abilities won't help you deal with the opposing attorney if you are not truly well-versed in the area in which you give testimony (see "Daubert Challenges," page 25).
If errors, inconsistencies or contradictions are discovered between the CPA's current and past positions on the issues, the CPA's credibility may be damaged enough for the opposing attorney to call for a summary judgment.
I hope that AU's current policy of opposing all references to God in public discourse becomes tempered by a realization that atheism is a belief system just like religion.
Let the opposing coach and team managers know that if they have forgotten towels, tape, etc.
Aggressive removal of the mucosa and the creation of opposing raw surfaces should be avoided.
Years ago they wouldn't even listen to us," adds Debi DesMarias, president of the 1,300-member Citizens Against Sea-Tac Expansion, which has led a vigorous campaign opposing the growth of Seattle's airport.
Still another problem came with the peace movement's late start in opposing the preparation for war.
They are an organization Which, based on previous experience, has an opposing viewpoint and, based on past actions, has the potential to disrupt the Guard's operations or training exercises.
Catholic Charities USA praised Republican Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico and Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York for their leadership in opposing the family cap.