opposing litigant

See: opponent
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Boeing, Ford, and Air India officials played a significant role in the malicious retaliation against President Bush's opposing litigant.
It should be pointed out that this rule works both ways; as it would also seem to apply to the opposing litigant who unjustifiably refuses to agree to an otherwise validly supported extension request (e.
The gains to settlement may be dependent upon the opposing litigant in the dispute or the gains from settlements may be realized only in certain types of disputes.
Table 6 presents the stock return results for settlement announcements categorized by the identity of the opposing litigant.
The results are consistent with our failure to find any significant plaintiff settlement announcement results in the pooled sample and in the categorization by opposing litigant.
Discovery permits each side in a lawsuit to demand documents, including confidential materials, from the opposing litigant.
Amongst the crimes committed during that case are intimidation and retaliation against an opposing litigant, and multiple counts of theft of court records.
I have had opposing litigants approach me to help them contact their court-appointed attorneys whom they had not seen since their initial hearing and who would not return their calls.
Thus, an organization must now ensure that its e-mail system is capable of organizing and retrieving information, not based upon its own needs, but upon the needs and wishes of as-yet-unknown opposing litigants.
Privilege, then, is a shield used during litigation by the client, or by a professional on the client's behalf, to restrict access by opposing litigants to the client's confidential communications.