opposite camp

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It is the accepted view now that real culture must be purely classical; but we see most intense disputes on each side of the question, and there is no denying that the opposite camp has strong points in its favor.
Next in order among the romantic poets after Gray, and more thoroughly romantic than Gray, was Oliver Goldsmith, though, with characteristic lack of the power of self-criticism, he supposed himself to be a loyal follower of Johnson and therefore a member of the opposite camp.
Ramos, who had then established a command center in the opposite camp.
Sharif's woes, boosting morale in the opposite camp.
In return, when the ruling party was set to lose its parliamentary majority, as its members were on the brink of switching over to the opposite camp, led by Nasheed and Gayoom, who had struck an agreement to unseat Yameen, the Supreme Court ruled that MPs would lose seats in case they quit, switched sides or were expelled from the political parties they were a part of.
The Houthis are worried that Saleh's shift to the opposite camp may alter the balance of power.
In the opposite camp, meanwhile, trainer Charlie Hills is equally happy with Battaash and dismissed Ward's fears regarding a three-week turnaround from Goodwood.
While the Trump administration wants changes to the rule for its potential to hamper banks' growth, those in the opposite camp say that diluting the rule would make the financial system vulnerable to risks.
All this is before we even get to the opening title -- but that glimpse of Dom the nice guy and peacemaker is necessary because most of the film finds him in the opposite camp, ranged against his Fast & Furious comrades.
In the opposite camp, votes of minorities and OBCs, besides upper castes, got fragmented between SP-Congress alliance and BSP.
com/Love-Me-Not/dp/B01N3B1B8K/) Love Me Not  for those in the opposite camp.