opposite number

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His opposite number Alex Lewington was afforded far more favourable field positions to showcase his talents, most notably when he tip-toed inches inside the touchline to score the Exiles' first in the second minute.
The Ospreys star sped up the left wing out of his 22 to maximise the space left by the red card shown to his opposite number.
Forest took the lead when centre back Matt Mills' long clearance left his opposite number Giuseppe Bellusci flailing at thin air as Oliveira ran on to it.
And we do not touch a golf ball until we hear either from our opposite number or the referees.
Toby and I might be opposite numbers in this match, but the flow of the game means you don't get to target another player.
Wren, his Omnicom opposite number, said: "This is done with the clear intention that we will create value.
Andre Villas-Boas will be determined for his side not to suffer another loss, but his team have already been beaten at home in the league by Arsenal, Liverpool and Aston Villa, which will give his opposite number Sir Alex Ferguson plenty of confidence.
Summary: Move comes after he became embroiled in a row over compliments he paid to his French opposite number
Dallaglio believes the ascent of Moody to the captaincy is key to an England revival and said that if he can match the influence of his opposite number, Richie McCaw, another memorable Test win could be on the cards.
Summary: Madrid - Spanish Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba termed as "very useful" his meeting, on Monday in Rabat, with Moroccan opposite number Taieb Cherqaoui.
While Roy Keane was seeing what happens if you keep your mouth shut, opposite number Gordon Strachan was made to understand that money is not everything.
He acknowledged this would require a more aggressive marketing stance, and also recognised that he had to work with his opposite number at De La Rue--a primary security print competitor--to unravel the interlocking shareholding of the two companies' hologram subsidiaries.