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2] (half size, vertical) blades moving oppositely (3rd case) may be three times smaller, 2 mm.
It is well known that the surface hydrophilicity and membrane pore affect the pure water flux oppositely [22].
It consists o nanoparticles of oppositely charged dextran sum up with glucoses specific enzymes and insulin.
Bees bristle with hairs, and he speculates that a charged insect nearing an oppositely charged flower feels the hairs bend.
Figure 1(a) shows the structure of the proposed hollow 'H'-shaped metamaterial (HSM), one may consider that the HSM is composed of two oppositely wound 'C'-shaped arms aside and a capacitive gap in the center.
Hezbollah's participation in the armed Syrian conflict, on the regime's side, proves that this party has become a tool in the regional conflict, oppositely to the interests of the Lebanese people who refuses any implication in battles harming its unity and security," the statement concluded.
It is notable that Dara-Adam khel part of the Kotal-Samana Block has characteristic mushroom- shaped fold structures cored by Samana suk Formation with their divergent overturned limbs breached by oppositely verging thrust faults.
ESP collectors that charge particles as they pass and collect them on oppositely charged collector plates are very tough to clean.
The survey statistics lead us to realize that there are times when community conditions move oppositely from national conditions.
Despite the advances, single-port access surgery can be problematic because of instrument crowding, lack of triangulation, loss of depth perception, the need to work oppositely to conventional laparoscopy, and cost.
Turbulence stretches and bends magnetic field lines, and often two oppositely directed field lines can come together to form a current sheet.
By the end of that decade, he had mounted a reaction-formation-like foray into pure abstraction that was equally, if oppositely, estranging.