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what/that they both are, and their oppositeness to each other, and the being, in its turn, of this oppositeness, are things which the soul itself tries to decide for us, by reviewing them and comparing them with one another" (186B2-9).
The desire theory provides a clear solution to the oppositeness problem.
They cite Salome's comments to Freud, five months before he sent her the completed manuscript of Beyond the Pleasure Principle: "'[I]t is my view, in general, that as products of the unconscious they [sadism and masochism] are in fact identical in their oppositeness.
Method, Oppositeness and Adjacency, and Proportionality in Maritime Boundary Delimitation".
Every episode has all the elements of riveting drama: the male and female characters, who despite their essential oppositeness, yearn to connect; smoldering passion; and a triumphant progression to a happy ending despite all the obstacles that chance and human perversity can hurl in their way.