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We hypothesized antisocial youths would exhibit higher scores on conduct problems and oppositional tendencies, along with lower scores on prosocial skills when compared to the general population-based sample.
They had an open discussion with Al-Assad that stressed on the importance of the resistance of Syrian army in the face of "terroristic" oppositional allies.
Keating identifies four types of oppositional thinking, and urges students, scholars, and social justice activists to move through these, to what she calls a "post-oppositional politics of change.
Their parent-rated ADHD inattention and hyperactivity oppositional defiant disorder, school performance, and adaptive functioning improved, as did their teacher-rated ADHD inattention and school performance.
2001) demonstrated a significant reduction in oppositional symptoms for children who engaged in counseling.
This principle also applies to young children who exhibit oppositional and defiant behaviour (Lochman & Wells, 2003).
Viktor Uspaskich of the oppositional Labor Party stated that his party would be ready to support the minority center-right government led by HU-LCD.
We should note that it is not our intention to provide an exhaustive review on oppositional culture and cultural difference theory.
Ohan and Johnston (2005) have proposed that the definition of ODD include relational aggression behaviours (refusing to talk to someone, being malicious, avoiding blame) in the identification of girls with oppositional characteristics.
Kowatch and colleagues use an expression that can be applied to the so-called diagnoses oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and conduct disorder (CD): "Mood swings are analogous to a fever in pediatrics- - they indicate something potentially is wrong with the patient, but they are not diagnostic as an isolated symptom.
More likely he had his own variety of oppositional defiant
The country has been rocked by political protests organized by oppositional parties and young protesters seeking to emulate the popular revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt which led to the toppling of their respective leaders.