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OPPOSITION, practice. The act of a creditor who, declares his dissent to a debtor's being discharged under the insolvent laws.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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If untreated, oppositional and conduct disorders can lead to a dysfunctional adult life.
This was the second meeting of its kind to be held in Cairo between Syrian oppositional forces following one in 2012, however the situation has since only been getting worse.
"Patients with ADHD and ODD will not be disadvantaged by treatment with atomoxetine, but additional pharmacologic or psychological strategies may be needed to address the oppositional symptoms," they said.
Watkins does not allow us to forget that oppositional politics under the early Stuarts had less to do with personal liberties than "rabid anti-Catholicism" (34).
"Collectively different" from Civil Rights and Black Power era predecessors, Soul Babies eschew nostalgia, clannishness, and elitism while embracing lifestyle diversity and "the various meta-identities present within black life." As thinkers and creative artists, they understand the "oppositional possibilities of urban and hip-hop aesthetics, mass media, and popular culture as vehicles for mass social praxis." Eager to bridge the gap between the intelligentsia and the masses, thereby democratizing black critical discourse, these plugged-in, progressive-minded Buppies, B-Boys, Baps, and Bohos are seen as avatars of change.
Data analysis indicated that oppositional effects that operated through involuntary minority concentration in the school had negative consequences for immigrant male achievement.
As you quoted in your article Stephen has a diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disorder, a condition which makes him disruptive.
Despite existing AMA policy supporting routine HIV screening in pregnant women, a resolution calling for the AMA to push for federal legislation mandating such screening was struck down following overwhelming oppositional testimony.
"I hope that people who evaluate and treat children with reported attention problems, oppositional behavior, and negative mood will be alert to sleep patterns and the potential impact that chronic periods of inadequate sleep can have on behavior and mood," said Dr.
No wonder the Navy is happy to declare that the bad old days of oppositional relations between journalists and the military are over.
Their appeal is attributed to their ability to 'supply' two commodities on the 'political market' of Arab states: an organic and self-sufficient world view, and an oppositional platform against corrupt regimes.
For instance, Jamieson tells us that in the last two elections, "oppositional ads" were aired earlier than ever before, that spending on such advertising is increasing, and that devastating assertions, no matter how untrue, are hard to shake.