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The persistent call for union reform and the need by the dominant leadership to contain and isolate oppositionists at the local level are important in understanding the timing of the transition from SWOC to the USWA, with the latter's adoption of a form of representative democracy that included elected leaders above the local level.
The document gained support of 62 representatives of oppositionist political party Batkivshchyna [leader - Yulia Tymoshenko].
Are the slaughtering of military elements in Sinai and on the Tunisian-Algerian border, the assassination of oppositionists in Tunisia, and the liquidation of officers in Libya and Yemen not episodes of the same series as the detonation of Sunni and Shiite mosques in Iraq?
Similarly, the subdual to which the opposition movements were subjected in Egypt, including the Muslim Brotherhood, and the continuous falsification of the voters' votes and wishes, detonated the January 25 revolution that ended with the establishment of the MB regime about which its oppositionists are now complaining.
The high-profile oppositionist ridiculed SMC's allegations about his request for fund from the Netherlands embassy, revealing his intention to sue the website and the official of the ruling National Congress Party, Rabie Abdel-Aati, who echoed the allegations.
The new appointee is a former oppositionist who was associated with the National Umma Party of former prime minister Al-Sadiq al-Mahdi.
In the cases of the political assassinations including Mehdi Ben Baraka, Moussa al-Sadr, the Libyan oppositionist Kikhia, and the Lebanese former Prime Minister, Rafik al-Hariri, the investigations led nowhere and no light was shed on the dark areas because the rulers were "above the law" and because the judiciary, which is supposed to be an independent authority, was unable to approach the rulers' palace, entourage, or services.
ASHARAQ AL AWSAT cited Mahmoud Ahmad al-Ahwazi, an Iranian oppositionist and coordinator of Iran's Popular Democratic Front as saying during a phone conversation "the struggle between Ahmadinejad and Khamenei is part of the struggle over power between the different branches inside the regime.
The IAF and six other oppositionist parties demonstrated on Tuesday against the Dialogue Committee and the government's failure to garner prior agreement surrounding the nature of the Committee and its failure to include constitutional amendments on the agenda.
Clashes also broke out between supporters of Gaddafi and oppositionist protesters in the city of Beyida as well as in several other locations throughout the country.
Aoun and, in an interview on Hizbullah's an-Nour radio station, challenged oppositionist notions that Mikati cabinet must go.
By contrast, oppositionist AL WAFD leveled charges of vote tampering from the government in favor of ruling National Democratic Party candidates, as well as reporting that security forces prevented opposition supporters from entering polling stations.