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When students demonstrate a "colonized mentality" (Fanon, 1952/1967), critical pedagogy has traditionally suggested that the teacher should construct an educational experience that engages the oppressed in a critical examination of their social location within the totality of the hierarchical social structure in question.
2 : to cause to feel burdened in spirit <Grief oppressed the survivors.
While we are all cheering about athletes being faster, higher, stronger, we would do well to remember the ordinary people being oppressed, controlled and subdued.
The existence of oppressed communities in the United States is a reality that cannot be denied (Hanna, Walley, & Guindon, 2000).
The cinematic tribute to liberation described above is "Three Songs About Lenin," a 1934 film by Soviet director Dziga Vertov dedicated to the "leader of the oppressed peoples of the world.
Don't forget that you yourselves were oppressed, that for three hundred years you had no freedom to come and go, no freedom to choose your work, no freedom to worship God as he commanded.
Why is it that environmentalists from the rich countries are talking about successes making wildlife havens in countries with corrupt administrations and poor and oppressed farmers?
Grassi, professor emeritus of the religious studies department at Santa Clara University and founder of the Skip-A-Meal program to care for the poor and hungry, explores how Jesus taught his disciples to practice a revolutionary and inclusive table fellowship that welcomed and provided for the poor, and suggests that the Eucharist commands modern believers to imitate Jesus' radical hospitality to the poor, hungry, and oppressed.
For many of those in power, peace is the silence of the oppressed.
He dismisses the issue of justice to the oppressed and the dispossessed, and consequently and indirectly lends support to the powerful occupiers of Palestinian land who have caused a kind of a "tsunami" there with huge devastation, immense suffering and death.
A lowly healer tries to empower the oppressed while fostering harmony in a Caribbean world where social issues and culture clash in Broken Gourds.
Then and now, it is a world immersed in war, a world where many people are oppressed and poor, while a few rule with heavy hands and wickedness.