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Overall, the findings support the idea that promoting critical thinking and self-reflection about one's social location and one's role in oppressing others (or one's own oppression) through one's social group membership should be key elements in social justice education once the facts of structural inequality have been introduced and digested.
The oppressor's capacity to stop oppressing in an expedient manner is much more hopeless in a revolutionary perspective.
Attacking the rich women of Samaria for "oppressing the needy [and] crushing the poor," Amos calls them "cows of Basham" and promises that they will soon be dragged off to slaughter.
We can engage in capitalism without oppressing, exploiting, and degrading others.
Mason described to Hughes that she envisioned the goal of their joint effort to be "the preservation of qualities that the white race lost through oppressing these primitive peoples as they landed on these shores."(2) Apparently it is the white race which lost out and needs compensation, while blacks "landed" through choice rather than coercion.