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Come now, let us talk of you," she added, tossing her head, as though she would physically shake off something superfluous oppressing her.
The Rohingya have suffered decades of brutal repression in Myanmar (formerly Burma) but Iran paid no attention to them when the government there was not only oppressing the Rohingya but also battling the United States and voting with the Islamic Republic in the United States.
Obama, the US President has slapped fresh embargoes on Syria and Iran disallowing them to use technologies for oppressing the people in their own country.
For example, Snyder, Peeler, and May (2008) described a consciousness raising process in a human behavior in the social environment sequence designed to help students examine their roles in oppressing others through the exercise of privilege associated with dominant social, religious, and cultural values, ideologies, economies, and media.
Hence, a penetrating examination of the psychological and social disorders of self-negation, self-hatred, and group disdain that have affected the most extreme elements of the Black community, especially as seen in those who share identification with the oppressing class more than with the oppressed.
Their subjective and ideological formations have been colonized by oppressing, hegemonic discourses (McLaren, 1994).
America, which remembers itself as a "New Israel"--a nation of pilgrims and refugees who came to these shores seeking liberty, safety, and peace--must not become a "New Rome," oppressing and colonizing other peoples with our new found might.
They warned that there is a "danger" that "political advertising may manipulate or oppress the voters" (pretty oppressing reasons).
Yet some people would claim we are oppressing Jumpy.