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"I can't allow the State of Israelto take away that light by humiliating me & use my love for my sity to bow down to their oppressive & racist policies," Tlaib tweeted, using the word sity to refer to her grandmother.
Ressa, noting the alleged oppressive working environment for journalists is alarming ...
The Vice President in the visitor's book at the memorial wrote: "I feel extremely humbled as I pay my homage to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives fighting the evil hegemony of the oppressive British rule.
The PSA chief said trader community will stand united against the oppressive actions of the FBR and will expose all its corruption and corrupt practices.
I strongly believe Maduros cruel, tyrannical and oppressive regime is reaching its final days.
Threatening, domineering, and bullying in words are the main methods used by oppressive powers to terrify other nations, he said.
According to reporter, the leadership comprising Syed Ali Gilani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik in a statement issued in Srinagar said, 'We want to urge UN Human Rights Council that is in session these days to intervene and stop ongoing genocide of Kashmiris by Indian forces and other oppressive measures employed by New Delhi to suppress peaceful resistance of the Kashmiris.'
'The IGP must realise that Malaysia is no longer governed by the oppressive BN regime which had previously persecuted the people for merely exercising their right to free speech.
US President Donald Trump weighed in on protests in Iran Saturday, warning that the country's people want change and "oppressive regimes cannot endure forever".
The veteran comedian, who was recently honoured by Bafta with the Alan Clarke prize at the television awards, also criticised an "oppressive" lack of ethnic minority faces on the big and small screen.
THIS government has a responsibility to ban the cruel and oppressive cages that are used by the shooting industry to incarcerate pheasants and partridges for breeding purposed.
NNA - Syria's Parliamentary elections on Wednesday are a "sham" organized by "an oppressive regime," France's foreign ministry said on, adding that viable elections could only take place after a political transition and new constitution.