oppressive act

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You are right, Laurence," said Grandfather, "and it was really amazing and terrible to see what a change came over the aspect of the people the moment the English Parliament had passed this oppressive act.
However, the Indian Armed Forces are not willing to work in IOK without this oppressive Act, said Ambassador Basit.
This is a completely contemptuous, mala fide and yet another oppressive act indulged in by the McDonald's corporation to sabotage the order of the NCLT, which states, 'Respondent number 5, i.
John Hemming, the MP who named love-rat soccer star Ryan Giggs in the Commons, and who is leading a campaign against privacy orders, said: "It is a very oppressive act to stop someone speaking and, considering the sensitivity of his job deciding where large amounts of tax money is spent, he warrants being more transparent about things.
People who expressed anything but approval of sexual adventurism would be stigmatized: shamed for engaging in the oppressive act of shaming.
The 2016 International Religious Freedom report referred to oppressive acts by some countries, such as Iran, Turkey, China, Pakistan and Sudan.
Condemning the approach of authorities regarding the hunger strike of JKLF leader, Zahoor Ahmad Butt in a police station, he said: "If anything happens to Zahoor Butt, the responsibility will lie on so-called rulers who want to suppress people's revolution through their oppressive acts.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Prime Minister and ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Chairman Ahmet Davutoy-lu has rejected accusations of oppression made by Mahsun KyrmyzygE-l, the singer and film director behind a number of critically acclaimed movies, saying nobody has ever witnessed him or his government engaging in oppressive acts.
A group of 700 British artists including actors, musicians, writers, and visual artists on Saturday signed up to a bledge to culturally boycott collaborations with Israeli institutions and Israeli funded projects in an attempt to pressure 'Israel' to end the Israeli oppressive acts and discrimination against the Palestinian people.
KABUL (PAN): President Hamid Karzai has reiterated his stance not to sign the security agreement with the US as long as arbitrary and oppressive acts by foreign forces continued.
Still another approach to the processing of hurt and painful emotion caused by the oppressive acts of others is through the empty chair (Polster & Polster, 1973).
A clear voice for patriot opposition to what were seen as oppressive acts by the British government was just the beginning.