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To write underneath; to put a signature at the end of a printed or written instrument.

A subscribing witness is an individual who either sees the execution of a writing or hears its acknowledgment and signs his or her name as a witness upon the request of the executor of the agreement.

In relation to the law of corporations, a subscriber is one who has made an agreement to take a portion of the original issue of corporate stock.

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v. 1) to sign at the end of a document. The courts have been flexible in recognizing signatures elsewhere on a contract or will, on the theory that a document should be found valid if possible. 2) to order and agree to pay for an issue of stock, bonds, limited partnership interest, investment, or periodical magazine or newspaper.

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The second insight is that the greater cohesion and stronger representational qualities of opt-in classes necessarily affect the certifiability of class actions.
Sinyard: In Sinyard, the Ninth Circuit agreed with the Tax Court's determination that contingent attorneys' fees recovered by a plaintiff in an opt-in class action were includible in the plaintiff's gross income.
"We do require them to opt-in at move-in, but more importantly, we feel that as long as we're providing only useful information (such as package notification, water shut-offs, etc.) and not bombarding them monthly, we have minimal risk from a legal standpoint."
Caption: A visit to Los Angeles Times' website prompts a pop-up offer for a free opt-in to the newspaper's email content.
The new requirements, called Regulation E, passed last November forced financial institutions to make sure that new customers opt-in for overdraft or courtesy pay programs for debit card and ATM transactions starting on July 1.
Legal Opt-In. 123 Seventh Ave., #137, Brooklyn, NY 11215.
Invite opt-ins for e-mail, and offer levels of opt-in (i.e., for confirmation of orders only, for future specials on related products, for any special offering or for anything in the store).
Required changes to Regulation DD, which necessitate informing clients on their monthly statements of specifics regarding overdraft fees, plus proposed changes to Regulation E, which will likely require banks to offer clients an "Opt-In" to fee-based overdrafts triggered by ATM or debit card transactions (and perhaps other transactions as well), have bankers scrambling to reconfigure their checking account offerings.
AN opt-in system - but there is a high rate of organs available, with 22.7 donors per million.
"In addition, we had to ensure that Deloitte's clients were informed that we had the following in place: a privacy policy, a privacy complaints procedure, open access to private information held about an individual, consent and disclosure in all data collection mechanisms, and an 'opt-in' mechanism for direct mailings."
changed this 'opt-out' alternative to an 'opt-in' requirement," seeming to uphold the Shelby Amendment requiring state motor vehicle departments to set up opt-in programs by June 1.