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The advantage of this reading is that it allows us to more neatly distinguish the roles of the optative bhujema and the injunctive karma: the former would be potential, the latter prohibitive.
More saliently conditional, doubtful, or wished for future events are typically in the optative mood" (1995: 592).
For example, in the Rig Veda the fairly common perfect optative (a) vavrtyam, etc.
17); absence of parallelism in adjacent complement clauses ("Occasionally one may feel that optative sentences have more emotional content, to be more pleading") (p.
its use in conditionals and optatives, and with present perfect connotation.
Furthermore, the term "factual" is applied to the perfect, despite its uses in conditional and optative contexts (exemplified on pp.
For the other subordinators the coverage is, not surprisingly, less thorough, but all examples with optatives and subjunctives seem to have been examined.