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As the optic nerve is an extension of the brain, treatment by surgery is currently not available, but extensive research is being carried out to develop new treatments for glaucoma.
The remaining 116(42%) patients' optic nerve sheath was either of only one eye, the medical record were incomplete or the measurement was not calibrated.
The initial HP reports of some of these children were incomplete reports (Those reports did not mention any other HP risk factors apart from "cut end of optic nerve involvement").
2 Since the optic nerve sheath can be traced as continuation of the subarachnoid space, transmission of effects of raised ICP to the optic nerve causes disruption of the axoplasmic flow, swelling of axons, leakage of water and proteins with resultant optic disc swelling, or papilledema.
Ischemic infarction of the retrolaminar optic nerve with variable involvement of laminar and prelaminar regions characterizes both arteritic and nonarteritic anterior ION.
In some cases, they can lead to extensive, severe optic disc swelling, simulating optic nerve tumors.
In this condition, the angle in the eye where the iris meets the cornea is normal, but the eye's drainage canals (trabecular meshwork) become clogged over time, gradually causing an increase in IOP and damaging the optic nerve.
Therefore, we do the Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT) and Visual Fields Test to assess the health of the optic nerve," said Dr Sunil.
This then leads to damage to the optic nerve which connects the eye to the brain and helps us see.