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The cephalic sensory input in the cyprid can be summarized as follows: primary nerves from the median eye project to the dorsofrontal neuropil; primary nerves from each compound eye form an optic tract and project to the optic lobe; primary nerves from each frontal filament form a frontal filament tract and project also to the optic lobe; and primary nerves that innervate setae on the antennule project to the deutocerebrum.
Retrochiasmal optic tract pathology results in contralateral homonymous hemianopia.
This can be caused by defects in any of the retinal layers, the optic nerve, the chiasm, the optic tract or the pre-tectal nucleus in the midbrain.
In the optic tract fibres from optic chiasma are rearranged to correspond with the position of lateral geniculate body.
b) relocation of 35 kv overhead line including optic tract.