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2max] have been estimated, the current values of optical density over the both stage can be predicted by Eq.
The fundamental correlation of exposure to optical density must be carried out with the same lamp or type of lamp as will be measured with the film.
The smoke optical density predicted by FDS was compared with values measured in the field tests.
Figures 4 and 5 illustrate the two types of films whose optical density has been correlated specifically to an EIT PowerPuck radiometer.
In thinner samples the peak contrast is relatively low due to small optical density, [alpha]d, where [alpha] is the absorption coefficient and d is the sample thickness.
ASTM E 662 Specific optical density of smoke generated by solid materials
Featuring a new print head and mechanical system, the printers use a new Dual Resistant High Density (DRHD) individual ink tank system designed to produce graphs with vivid colors and sharp, optical density, crisp text, which is friction and marker resistant.
As our dispersions deliver high optical density with the best durability in the market, we recognized a new opportunity to grow our inkjet business to meet our customers' need for high performance, quality products for the growing commercial market.
This was the first study to investigate the spatial profile of macular pigment optical density with all three macular carotenoids and to measure serum and macular responses to a macular carotenoid formulation throughout two subject groups, one with early AMD and the other with no eye condition.
This study was undertaken to investigate MP optical density with respect to risk factors for ARM, in 828 healthy subjects from an Irish population.
Each serum sample was considered positive if the optical density (OD) ratio, OD (viral antigen)/OD (uninfected cells), was >3.
Optical density (light transmittance) is lower for a flocculated paint.

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