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Then, the mixture was gently stirred and after 30 minutes the optical density was measured.
The optical density is a fundamental parameter that describes the quality of a print.
Within this context, the present study aims to determine the optical density of four different brands of composite resins with the application of nanotechnology, with samples of different thicknesses, and the use of digital radiographic images.
After incubation the pH, total viable count (TVC) and optical density (OD) at 550 nm were measured.
Optical density and cell viability gradually decrease with increase in anti miR-155 concentration (0.
Draw a chart of the reliance of optical density on formaldehyde concentration (Instruction 1985).
The plot of optical density at the wave length 420 nm versus TBO concentration estimated by weight has given a linear calibration graph with slope 3.
This allows correlation of their optical density to instrument radiometry for (1) process design optimization and/or (2) periodic measurements to verify lamp condition over time.
Comparisons were made to temperature and smoke optical density measurements.
When light passes from air into water it will be bent, because the optical density, or refraction index, of the glass is different to air.
Our purpose was to investigate the relationship between macular pigment optical density (MPOD), C-reactive protein (CRP), serum lutein and zeaxanthin (L&Z) levels, and variants in the complement factor H (CFH) gene, and to conduct a pilot study on the effect of MPOD augmentation on macular function.

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