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When the photosensitive tube detected b, T3 will be produced as the output; only by passing through CG, the elec-signal sent by g can impact Lc, thus generating T4; under the control of elec-signals sent by g, Lc can change its optical rotation, thus generating T5.
2) and methanolysis, whereas, the stereochemistry as 2S,3S,4R,2R could be established due to optical rotation values of 2 ([a]24D = + 37.
The specific gravity, refrective index, optical rotation, acid value and ester values for essential oils of different species of umbelliferae family are given in table 1 where as peroxide values of cotton seed oil after addition of 0.
One might use USP <616> Bulk and Tapped Density if one were to use mannitol as a binder, but use USP <781> Optical Rotation USP if the mannitol is intended as a sweetening agent.
One PV observable is the effect of the weak interaction on neutrons passing through matter, which is analogous to the optical rotation of polarized photons traveling through a "handed" medium [5].

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