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The only real, known health risk is the dramatic increased levels of disease that are likely to afflict people without access to optimally fluoridated water.
The fill solutions produced by Blaze IF optimally meet foundry CMP rules," said Dr.
The quad-core benchmark runs follow similar ACCELLERANT deployments within the most innovative high performance computing environments, opening the doors for organizations to optimally exploit multi-core, grid, cluster and other massively parallel distributed computing environments.
LOS ANGELES -- Just issued, Professors John Karayan (Cal Poly Pomona) and Charles Swenson (University of Southern California) have written the definitive book for business and financial managers, consultants, and business school students on how to optimally put the fundamentals of taxation to work in their business decisions.
With a product for each phase of the cycle, the Nad's Essentials Kit is designed to keep skin optimally smooth, clean and hair-free for longer.
6) including 42 percent of patients with less than 2 optimally positioned catheters, while patients with greater than or equal to 2 catheters optimally positioned surviving with a median of 53.
In this presentation, she provided insight into when to use each type of contract, and also outlined strategies for making contracts work optimally within a business.
The AXN10-8 is optimally sized, furnishing up to eight T1/E1 interfaces for connections to equipment already installed at the BTS and NodeB cell site, each soft-configurable for the type of Pseudo-Wire service required.
Clothing Biosensory Engineering" quantifies the decision-making processes through which physics, mathematics, neurophysiological and engineering techniques are applied to optimally convert resources to meet various sensory requirements - visual/thermal/mechanical.
Such tests will help physicians optimally manage the disease and minimize drug failures and will ultimately have the potential to be incorporated into treatment algorithms.