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Petra Visuri, head of product management and marketing, ND SatCom said, Now Vislink will be able to optimally support critical applications for broadcasting and surveillance.
Capacity planning, asset management, and visibility into both a physical and virtual infrastructure provide real-time, detailed data which can be used to help an environment run more optimally are the areas required by it.
A comparison showed that the optimally packed computer-generated helices closely matched the specific twists and diameters of helices in proteins.
125 Gbps, to achieve 100 Gigabit Ethernet throughput, the channel should optimally be 22 Gbps," said Goergen.
Such a method "is clearly desirable if this immense natural resource is to be utilized optimally," they say.
VIASYS' LTV Series Ventilator is a portable, light-weight, high-acuity ventilator that is optimally designed for emergency and disaster situations.
Vehicle makers and suppliers of safety systems need the answers to these questions so that they allocate their resources optimally.
The proposals are part of the CENIT Programme within the "Ingenio 2010" initiative which are aimed at promoting research in areas of great strategic importance in order to optimally position the Spanish economy on the global stage.