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I didn't think further forward for many reasons, more or less optimistic, but mainly because I have no homicidal vein in my composition.
Her crazed eyes noted the sporting sheet left by the Chief Inspector, and as she knocked herself against the counter she snatched it up, fell into the chair, tore the optimistic, rosy sheet right across in trying to open it, then flung it on the floor.
This looked like success to the optimistic Hubbard.
Experiments fell away after two expectant years of this sort of success, the public and then the newspapers tired of the expensive photographic reproductions, the optimistic reports, the perpetual sequence of triumph and disaster and silence.
Fyne was disappointed by the optimistic turn of my sagacity.
Also, the most optimistic people reported nine fewer physically unhealthy and seven fewer mentally unhealthy days per month than their least optimistic counterparts.
AN OPTIMISTIC face of white, One that knows my name, An optimistic face of white, Whose job is not to blame.
LESS well-off and older people in Wales tend to be more optimistic about the future post-Brexit while those who are better off and younger are more likely to be pessimistic, an opinion poll has revealed.
The number of voters said they were optimistic in general about Islamic finance in 2016 almost doubled those who voted 'no'.
2014) divided the infected status into two states, namely, optimistic subjects (O) and pessimistic subjects (P), based on the SISa model.
More Filipinos are optimistic the economy will get better next year, even as fewer thought their lives improved in the past year, the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey showed.
Global Banking News-June 3, 2015--Greek central bank head optimistic about staying in eurozone