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As we tramped along, we discussed a question that was uppermost in the mind of each--what we should do with Snider when we had captured him, for with the action of pursuit had come the optimistic conviction that we should succeed.
It is an optimistic interpretation of life, looking for what is good and permanent beneath all the surface confusion.
Fyne was disappointed by the optimistic turn of my sagacity.
We smiled again, said amusing things, and waxed optimistic over our situation.
When he contemplated a lifetime at Flack's, a lifetime of bee-dodging and carpet-beating and water-lugging, and reflected that, but for a few innocent words--words spoken, mark you, in a pure spirit of kindliness and brotherly love with the object of putting a bit of optimistic pep into sister
It was a good-sized rosy sheet, as if flushed by the warmth of its own convictions, which were optimistic.
3 Market Engineering Measurements - Optimistic Case 1.
Global Banking News-June 3, 2015--Greek central bank head optimistic about staying in eurozone
Consumers are most optimistic about Regular Income (86.
Dubai: UAE consumers are more optimistic about employment and regular income in 2014 compared with the previous year, according to MasterCard's Consumer Confidence Index released on Monday.
MasterCard has revealed the results of its latest Consumer Confidence IndexTM, which indicates that consumer sentiment in the UAE remains steady and optimistic with a score of 88.
As I've mentioned here before, HFN has an editorial policy prohibiting the phrase "cautiously optimistic.