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With e-book readers becoming one of hottest-selling consumer electronics, Scott Liu, chairman of PVI, has optimistically projected the overall market for the devices to further grow by 250% in 2011, indicating a rosy market prospect for his company.
I AM aware of Newcastle's proud record at St James' Park, but I also always travel there optimistically.
Markets: Wall Street closed out a rocky week with a moderate gain Friday as investors, buoyed by new inflation data, bought optimistically ahead of this week's torrent of earnings releases.
8% but bosses looked optimistically to the future after launching 240 websites and six new newspaper titles and acquiring Email4Property in May 2006 for pounds 4.
Juan Rivera's initial fears that his career had ended have subdued and now he optimistically targets June for his return.
Ramon Oller's world premiere, Corazon Al-Andaluz, optimistically recalls the harmonious coexistence of Jews, Muslims, and Christians in 11th-century Andalucia.
However, if you assume the influential nature of human behavior, then your mission, while never easy, will be optimistically "possible.
He is yet to reach full fitness but has made sufficient recovery to talk optimistically of his involvement on the tour which comprises three Tests and seven one-day internationals.
He concludes, optimistically, that as it has not always been this way, it is not immune to future change.
Compared with other similar awards, the under 45 age limit might seem like an optimistically elastic definition of young, but since only built work is eligible for consideration, the mid forties cut-off point acknowledges the length of time it takes to study, qualify and become established as a serious practising architect.
He wrote optimistically, "We have not spoken about the city itself as a potential 'living' biennial," referring to how work might spill across the urban landscape to "trigger something on a different plane.
The little star from Staffordshire never complains about her devastating disabilities - optimistically looking to the future.

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