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Additionally, the acquisition paves the way for existing SLIM Technologies customers to take advantage of Optiant's PowerChain[TM] suite of solutions that include supply chain modeling and visualization, strategic supply chain analysis, inventory and production policy optimization, and supply chain intelligence.
Multidisciplinary Response Surface Optimization--This is an optimization method utilized in the conceptual design stage to ensure manufacturability of design.
The PROS mission is to maximize the revenue of each client using PROS world-leading revenue optimization science, enterprise profit optimization, and pricing optimization solutions.
End users have to be educated about the large-scale benefits of using APC, optimization, and simulation systems, especially since manufacturing facilities in many key industries are still governed by unsophisticated control systems and allied technologies.
As an easy, practical and effective alternative to traditional optimization methods, the QuickOpt method allows more patients access to the benefits of optimization," said Michael J.
MCA Solutions, Service Planning and Optimization Suite and SPO are trademarks of MCA Solutions, Inc.
Launched the Product Optimization Solution as part of the PROS Pricing Solution Suite; this solution provides optimal product mix to maximize revenue and profit.
The new V5000 Optimization Engine is at the core of Venturi's optimization suite for consumers and business users.
HOUSTON -- PROS, the world's leader in pricing and revenue optimization science and software, and the pioneer and dominant provider of revenue optimization to the travel and transportation industry, today announced the impending release of the newest version of PROS O&D, the leading origin-destination revenue management solution for the airline industry.
Venturi Optimization Solution Enhances Customer Experience and Network Efficiency for One of World's Largest Portable Broadband Wireless Networks

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