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0 for simulation optimization is frequently ten to a hundred times faster than competitive products for Excel.
A recent FDA IDE study demonstrated that QuickOpt optimization correlates consistently with echo-based optimization more than 96 percent of the time for both atrial-ventricular (AV/PV) timing and ventricular-ventricular (VV) timing.
With this acquisition, Optiant should make itself more competitive in head-to-head situations, while gaining new opportunities to penetrate companies that view supply chain optimization as a strategic core competency," said research director Mark Hillman in an AMR Research article published today.
5, is an illustration of the topology optimization results.
PROS is the world's leader in pricing and revenue optimization solutions with over 280 deployed solutions across 12 major industries, optimizing millions of pricing decisions every day.
Change in End-user Perception Vital for the Uptake of APC, Optimization, and Simulation Systems
OneSpin's 360 EC-FPGA shows deep understanding of the sophisticated optimizations performed by Synplicity's FPGA synthesis tools," said Andy Haines, Synplicity's Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, "bringing extra productivity to our mutual customers.
Jude Medical developed QuickOpt as an easy, practical and effective method for making the benefits of optimization more accessible to patients.
MCA Solutions' Service Planning and Optimization (SPO[TM]) software suite helps Fortune 500 companies in aerospace and defense, high-tech and capital equipment transform their service supply chains into bottom-line business drivers, by reducing inventory, lowering support costs and improving service levels to maximize customer satisfaction.
A variety of respected market surveys and analyst reports are predicting a dramatic increase in revenues from the WAN Optimization appliance sales over the next few years, with one optimistic report even projecting a tenfold growth from 120,000 units in 2006 to 1,120,000 units in 2008.
Telarix's iXTools, a powerful suite of software modules, provides carriers with an end-to-end management and optimization solution for their interconnect business.

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