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It should be noted for the personal reading lists of those seeking to awaken an oracular vision, re-establish quantum consciousness, activate their Divine Light Body, access spiritual energy technologies, and rediscover the undiluted version of themselves and their soul's purpose, that "The Tablets of Light" is also available in a Kindle format ($9.
Similarly the Abrahamic faiths rely on their own systems of oracles for answers--their particular innovation was to contain the oracular response in three books provided by prophets and holy men who received the revelations.
As a poet, Dylan can be direct, searing, prophetic, mocking, gentle, oracular, furious and oblique.
Michael Scott's new study provides a comprehensive history of the ancient Greeks' most renowned oracular shrine.
But like all prophecy, it requires some interpretation to bring that which comes from beyond into the comprehension of mortals, and this is often either absent or consists of other oracular moments.
Try these: Air, Moon Safari; MGMT, Oracular Spectacular; La Roux, Trouble in Paradise rating .
Try these: Air, Moon Safari; MGMT, Oracular Spectacular; La Roux, Trouble in Paradise Rating EZRA FURMAN, PERPETUAL MOTION PEOPLE LIKE most of you reading this, I imagine, I knew very little about Ezra Furman before settling down to listen to Perpetual Motion People.
There was something oracular about his speech, and he had an uncanny ability to quote long selections of poetry and prose from memory.
O] / r2-ann memai "But if the deity will speak to me by means of an oracular inquiry [.
The poems are lyric, satiric, mythic, experimental, surreal, expansive, laconic, conversational, tender, angry, allegorical, oracular.
One might say that these objects functioned as oracular or totemic icons to which one could return when in need of answers or comfort.
representing the writer with the oracular life, the oracular vision, and