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The inquiry received more written submissions than any previous inquiry and a number of people with disabilities themselves gave oral evidence.
The committee expects to hear oral evidence in October and November.
Transcripts of the oral evidence to the inquiry are available on the website, and in the years since the team's work began in 2009 we have seen swathes of Iraq fall under the control of the so-called Islamic State.
Philip, who has Hepatitis C, said: "During the process, Lord Penrose only allowed six people to give oral evidence but 80 applied to be core participants.
On Last hearing, Imran Khan and Shoaib Siddiqui's counsels pleaded the court to order verification of voters' thumb impressions from NADRA as it would further support their oral evidence.
The decision is reached usually after receiving oral evidence from prisoners themselves and hearing testimony from experts, like psychologists.
It was ruled that the appellants are entitled to a full appeal, but not to a rehearing on oral evidence and that charges against them are required to be proved on the balance of probabilities only.
Consequently the oral evidence, although not totally discarded, was largely put aside in favor of "documentary or recorded evidence that was temporally proximate to the events" (p.
Several key figures have also given oral evidence during sessions at Portcullis House in Westminster, London, which started in January.
Our teams are constantly visiting the place to make sure if there is any oral evidence or the evidence is in the form of a document, we are making sure all of them are collected for the case," he added.
The case was the first in history featuring oral evidence from a sitting president in a criminal trial.
The commission will also be taking oral evidence from the sector and invites suggestions from the not-for-profit housing sector, investors, developers, stakeholders and public interest bodies.