oral examination

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Structured Oral Examination - Student ' s Perspective , Anatomica Karnataka.
Decisions would be taken in accordance with objective and measurable criteria rather than by arbitrary oral examinations and seniority "because otherwise there can be no meritocracy".
We are uncertain, but it will certainly make for more enjoyable oral examinations.
The questionnaire was administered by the investigators and was followed by a naked-eye oral examination for dentition status, using an oral probe and mirror by the junior dental surgeon.
In response to that call, this descriptive study examined former students' perceptions of one assessment tradition in counselor education: the doctoral oral examination.
4] A second area for research might focus on what personality variables affect oral examination scores.
Extra oral examination revealed crustations on the upper lip border.
The last national Adult Dental Health Survey, which consisted of a questionnaire interview and oral examination, reported a very different picture.
Muscat, Jan 28 (ONA) The Clinical and Oral Examination for Ear , Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist hosted by the Sultanate represented by Oman Medical Specialty Board during the period from January 26th to 29th will conclude tomorrow at Al Nahdha Hospital.
There are really three parts to voir dire: individual written examination, individual oral examination, and group oral examination.
It is not clear whether these instruments provide any benefit over conventional oral examination under standard incandescent lighting.
Often, oral cancer is symptom-free but the warning signs can be detected by self oral examination and by visiting your dentist regularly and having a simple mouth examination.