oral expression

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Long years of semi-solitude among creatures whose powers of oral expression are extremely limited had thrown him almost entirely upon his own resources for entertainment.
Oral Expression Is Taught Prior Written And Transmitted To The Understanding Of Global Semantic Structure.
Because all students read at their appropriate level, they are able to focus on oral expression, which in turn builds their reading fluency and comprehension skills.
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The Altissia language courses can be studied, effectively, purely via e-learning materials but Learning Light can also arrange - with Altissia - for those who want to improve their pronunciation, comprehension and oral expression to talk to a native speaker of that language, via videoconferencing.
From these perspectives he adopted a kind of developmental view of human expression that moved in phases from oral expression, to writing, to what Ong termed "secondary orality" (the oral expression that depends on writing, in the form of scripts performed by actors, for example), to electronic expression.
Their oral expression was also better as well as in the general areas of literacy and numeracy.
In the second session, Turkish oral expression and conversational skills are evaluated.
Administrator DHA stated that the Courses of English literature and language should be so designed that the college produces dynamic and enlightened graduates who have the ability to express themselves effectively, flawlessly and confidently both in written and oral expression.
The studies indicate that by age 10, children who had been in play-based kindergartens excel over others in reading, math, social and emotional learning, creativity, oral expression, industriousness, and imagination.
Dramatic oral expression makes reading a creative experience, involving the use of imagery, reflection, and active reading.