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The purpose of this study was to understand perceptions and attitudes of non-oral health providers, caregivers, and parents of young children towards oral health promotion in Manitoba, Canada, and to seek ideas to inform future activities.
Wendy McGee, the trust's oral health promotion co-ordinator, said: "People can reduce the risk of mouth cancer by stopping smoking, only drinking the recommended limit of alcohol and maintaining a healthy diet.
We have concluded that they need better education on oral health promotion, with emphasis on the implementation of appropriate behavior in the daily routine.
8) Most oral health promotion initiatives have focused on changing oral health-related behaviours (e.
Additionally, "Lunch and Learn" oral health promotion trainings will be offered to Child Health and Disability Prevention medical providers.
As oral diseases are largely preventable, the country is giving top priority to oral health promotion and primary prevention.
In order to address these inequalities we have made sustained efforts to target oral health promotion and prevention programmes to communities or groups that would benefit the most.
29) At a minimum, medical providers need to be educated in medical school, residency training, and continuing education environments that oral health promotion and early diagnosis of oral cancer are within the scope of their practices and that their efforts can be expected to have a positive and discernible impact on oral health outcomes.
Principles of public health, epidemiology, oral health promotion, and health services are covered, and examples for both developed and developing countries are described.
We only had two criers today,`` said Martha Baguel, a Head Start mom and ``promotora`` who is a graduate of a 120-hour program sponsored by UCLA's Oral Health Promotion Program.
Subjects covered on the diploma and degree course include anatomy and physiology, general pathology, orthodontics, pharmacology, treatment of periodontal disease, prevention of oral disease, diet and nutrition, and oral health promotion.
Ms Hutt said the Community Dental Service is developing its public health role by carrying out screening, epidemiological surveys and providing oral health promotion services.

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