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In addition other topics well represented in this text are nutritional screening methods during emergencies, nutrition and the measurement of body composition for children with special health care needs, the appropriate use of BMI, behavioural aspects of feeding disorders, protein nutrition of preterm infants, prevention of iron deficiency, nutritional supplementation in developing countries, dietary fibre and oral rehydration therapy.
While oral rehydration therapy (ORT) remains a key part of diarrhea treatment, it has limitations, which iOWH032 is designed to address.
Utilizing scientific advancements in Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT), the foundation aims to introduce solutions to reduce dehydration and healthcare costs through strategic partnerships, research, educational programs, and medical relief missions.
This condition can be easily treated with oral rehydration therapy (ORT), a simple solution prepared by mixing water with a commercially prepared packet of oral rehydration salts or by making a homemade mixture of sugar, salt, and water.
The childhood vaccinations have successfully reduced the deaths due to measles, she pointed out and added that oral rehydration therapy has contributed to a major reduction in diarrhoea deaths.
Parents in resource-rich countries are not being empowered to use oral rehydration therapy (ORT) effectively, conclude two UK paediatricians.
For example, programs often focus exclusively on mothers to be responsible for children's health, oral rehydration therapy, or supervision of drug therapy for tuberculosis.