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ORAL. Something spoken in contradistinction to something written; as oral evidence, which is evidence delivered verbally by a witness,

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"If you can do this, you may be doing oral history a favor." That was Willa's way, to speak straight but not long.
At one point as we were rereading the essays, she said, "You know David, it seems to be our fate as oral historians to be told by everyone (outside of our circle) that just because somebody says something, that doesn't necessarily make it true.
Willa and I often argued over whether oral history was a "field," "discipline," or "method." Willa took it to be the latter, and I the former.
In pursuit of my point into this first anthology, I inserted essays on the interactive, performance, and on the socio-linguistic nature of oral history interviewing.
The researchers cautioned that their findings should be considered preliminary, because only a small number of women in the study used oral contraceptives.
Overall, women who used oral contraceptives were 6.6-fold more likely to have vulvar vestibulitis, compared with women who had never used contraceptives.
Women who used an oral contraceptive with high progestogenic, low estrogenic, and high androgenic potency faced the highest risk of pain, with a 19-fold relative risk, compared with women who never used an oral contraceptive.