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In 1926, "the first article on the body of Christ that appeared in the English language for hundreds of years was in Orate Fratres.
It orates in poor villages and communities nationwide.
He called Kennedy an outstanding speaker who typically orates without notes and without hesitation, even on lengthy and complex addresses.
Everyone indulges liberally in substances licit and otherwise as he orates on subjects ranging from Novalis to Bataille.
You could have a situation where a Morrisons that falls into one licensing area could continue to promote orates of beer, and an Asda on the other side of the road, in another licensing area, could not," said an Asda spokeswoman.
Anthony Wagerman, of Travelex, which runs the exchange bureaux at Cardiff, Bristol and Manchester Airports said: oRates are agreed by Travelex in agreement with the airports as landlords.
2) Sandra Orates feeds her daughter, Shannon, taquitos with guacamole during a Cinco de Mayo event in Canoga Park.
Happiness is a triumph of twisted rhetoric: it orates amorality, a vacuum nature loves, and the style of oration is chipper, sometimes halting, often Sophoclean.
After all, the presumably best braves of their tribe have been soundly clobbered three times in a row now, twice by the California medicine man and once by a fellow who acts and orates like an escapee from Watership Down.
This project surely should be part of the eight-point plan for West Kirby and Hoylake which incorp orates the upgrading of the waterfront.
This remarkable exhibition lands in Liverpool this week for a six-week stay and features an expansive range of works that incorp orates photography, video, film and fine art: with each medium tackling the myths and the practical application of the veil.
It says the EU shall in future have ``legal personality'' and incorp orates a legally-binding Charter of Fundamental Rights, inc luding labour and social policies.